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About Rawness Scents: the raw materials are the beginning of this project and they determine its path. Our selection take into consideration botanical brands with a strong personality and an avant garde vision of Luxury. Being sustainable and natural becomes the first step to define a perfume ethically.

profumi naturali brescia rawness scents

Rawness breathes 100% natural, it defines again the new way to wear natural, organic, hand made scents, the ones which trap the whole power of Nature, leaving all the beneficial properties of plants untouched.

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Our space takes inspiration from the elegant rational places of the Seventies with a sense of nostalgia for the avant garde design. A cold steel enjoys the caress of embrancing blood red silks , a light beam crosses the glass of the bottles filled with oil blends wisely mixed.


We will be glad to host you and guide you to the discovery of natural scents among the fragrance of wood and flowers and to tell you stories and myths hidden behind a tree bark.

brescia fragranze naturali rawness scents
negozio profumi naturali brescia rawness scents
brescia rawness scents
rawness scents brescia profumi
rawness scents negozio brescia profumi naturali
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